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About VEGAN CRUSH Food Delivery

Vegan Crush Food Delivery is located in Bangkok Thailand and was created by chef Maricel Lukkanit. The idea is to get healthy, freshly made plant-based meals delivered straight to your door! This whole plant-based food delivery focuses on creating fun and veggie-packed dishes that are full of nutrients and high quality ingredients. The delivery service offers a 1 day per week food delivery program. The food delivery program is offered on a weekly basis with 5 meals for lunch or 10 meals for lunch and dinner lasting from Monday-Friday. All meals are packaged in reusable containers and are swapped out when we deliver your fresh meals. Our raw energy bliss balls can be added as an extra to your program, upon request. Meals are delivered every Monday at 12 noon. Delivery is covered for Bangkok and Bangkok outskirts. Subscriptions are offered as 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. There is a 1 week trial option for new subscribers, for you to test out the program. Food workshops, cooking classes and special dinner events are also available.

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