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Vegan Picnic is an all vegan fast food joint that serves up the most amazing plant-based burgers you have ever tried! From faux fish fillet and vegan cheese to a crispy chickn burger that will bring you to tears, you have got to try them all and get your comfort food fix. Vegan Picnic also makes homemade vegan coleslaw (dairy-free) and vegan macaroni salad which are both incredible. My favorite was the macaroni salad (best in the world I've ever tried!) Other vegan items on the menu include breakfast burritos, steak tip burger on challah bun with horseradish sauce, a faux crab cake sandwich with special vegan sauce, Italian meat ball submarine sandwich (the best!), a classic American grilled cheese (perfect for kids), vegan and gluten free chicken n' waffles. For cold sandwiches they have caprese, vegan "egg" made with JUST, and vegan salami sub with plant-based provolone cheese. If subs and burgers ain't your thang, it's okay because they have a selection of healthy salads and an entire gluten free vegan menu. Honorable mentions: vegan cheesy breakfast burrito, vegan ham and cheese croissant and the VP classic burger. Also has a ton of vegan kosher desserts.

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