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Veganerie Concept is a 100% vegan restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. This unique spot serves up the most amazing plant-based dishes ranging from burgers and Thai curries to to Italian pastas and smoothie bowls. From deep fried cauliflower "wings" with dipping ranch to strawberry parfaits and European vegan cheesy panini to all vegan waffles with whipped cream and fried Thai rice served in an actual pineapple, this place has got it all. Veganerie Concept is well known for having amazing vegan desserts so make sure to try one of their hearty smoothies, milkshakes, or sundaes served in a cast iron skillet. Presentation is on point here as well as really plant-based good vibes with modern decor and a very nice menu that everyone will want to order from (very kid friendly). Also has bowls, burritos, fresh juices, and American pancakes, as well as vegan smoothie bowls topped with exotic fruit. Veganerie Concept has a total of 5 locations (including all vegan bakeries) so make sure to check them all out! VEGAN is clearly marked all over the menu.

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