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About Veganic Thai Cafe

Veganic Thai Cafe is an all vegan Thai restaurant located between Hill Crest and North park in San Diego. Veganic Thai Cafe serves up the most amazing Thai dishes such as hot noodle soups, spicy stir-fry's, vegan iced tea, vegan pad thai, and other vegan dishes like their Khao soi (pronounced cow-soy) which is a Northern Thailand regional dish that has been veganized here with coconut milk, egg-less wheat noodles, in a spicy curry broth. The restaurant itself is modern and sleek with big booths and cozy cafe tables, and always seems to be packed. Veganic Thai Cafe offers a lot of vegan meat options such as vegan shrimp, vegan chicken, vegan beef as well as tofu which is pretty neat. Veganic Thai also offers delicious vegan Thai appetizers like spring rolls, vegan satay meat sticks with a peanut dipping sauce as well as fresh papaya salad.

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