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The Vegetarian Food Stall @Terminal 21 is a great place to grab a quick meal for cheap. This is a food stall at a mall in the food court section of the Terminal 21 mall. This place serves traditional Thai food like pumpkin, stir fried broccoli, stir fried morning glory and other greens, green curry, as well as other dishes like vegan laab (faux pork made from tofu). This place is not all vegan, but is all vegetarian. There is egg is some of the food so just make sure to ask the staff which one has egg and they will let you know. The way it works is you go to the counter, get a food court card (put some money on it), go the place you want to eat at, order your food, they will take your card and deduct the amount of money on it, and then you can always get a refund on the amount of money you didn't use. This place is really tasty and super affordable, only 60 baht for 3 side dishes on some red rice. You can also get vegan soup and noodle dishes here as well. Lots of indoor seating here and also surrounded by other food stalls selling pure fruit smoothies and durian.

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1 Reviews


Cheap $1 vegan food in Bangkok that's healthy and tastes so good

2 years ago
I think you get a lot of bang for your buck here. I'll be honest, the food isn't the most amazing food I've ever had in Thailand (sure I've had better) but it's really really good and it's super cheap. I like that it's healthy, they don't use a lot of oil here. Although they have eggs, here the ladies can tell you which ones have eggs and which ones don't, they are very honest about it. Literally the meals here are about $1 USD which is crazy because the food is so delicious and I think it's a great value for what you get. I have also seen expats and locals bringing their own re-usable Tupperware here so you can get food to-go and not have to use their plastic packaging, it also saves you 5 baht. Would definitely recommend checking this food stall out, especially if you're on a budget or want to experience Thai street food but in a more clean environment.
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