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Wholey Wonder Vegan Cafe & Yoga Studio is a whole foods, plant-based kitchen that specializes in making healthy dishes like smoothies topped with fresh fruit and bowls featuring local produce and seasonal vegetables. Wholey Wonder Vegan Cafe is located in the historic George Town on the island of Penang and offers yoga classes as well as holistic workshops on an on-going basis. The chill, relaxed, down to earth environment will make you feel at home. The all vegan menu features plant-based pizza like their grilled tempeh and cherry tomato pizza with sweet potato cheeze, fried rice served in a pineapple, colorful vegan poke bowl, red dragon fruit smoothies, 'naked burgers' (made with portobello mushrooms instead of buns!), vegan lattes made with coconut milk or almond milk, Cauli-fredo Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles) , Caulfredo Pasta, Acai melon bowl! healthy salads, and also smoothie bowls served inside carved out papayas and melons...it just doesn't' get better than this. A must try is their "Rainbow cheesecake" (raw, and gluten free, made with nuts and coconut cream).

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Yummy healthy vegan bowls & the best vegan peanut butter cheesecake!

2 years ago
I really like this place a lot. I have come here a couple times during my stay in Penang and is one of my top choices when I want something light and healthy. I came here on Valentine's day and had a lovely buddha bowl which was amazing! I tried their pizza which is pretty good although I wish the crust was thicker and there was more vegan cheese on it. I also tried their raw burgers which I wasn't a huge fan of since they kept falling apart but I liked the flavor. Overall my favorite was their peanut butter raw cheesecake which was insanely good! I also tasted their papaya smoothie which was okay, but could have been a tad sweeter and richer (maybe some coconut milk and a couple more dates in there) to round out the flavors. Overall, a really great spot to check out if you are in Penang... and I love that they have a yoga studio on the top floor.
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