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Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant is a meat-free Indian restaurant in the heart of Little India in the middle of George Town in Penang. They are very popular with locals, and it tends to get packed here quite quick. They are famous for their lunch thali (which can be served without dairy upon request). For vegan options, they can make dosa without ghee such as "plain dosa" and "masala dosa" (filled with potatoes) and they both come with chutney coconut dipping sauce as well as a little savory soup called sambal. Another popular dish that is vegan is the idly which are steamed dahl /rice cakes that are served with sambal. Although they serve dairy here like ghee (butter) and milk in some of their dishes and drinks, Woodlands has a lot of vegan options on their menu. VEGAN is not clearly marked on the menu, but you can just ask your server (who will speak English) for it to be made without ghee (butter). There aren't any milk alternatives here, so unfortunately the lassi and chai tea are not vegan.

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1 Reviews


Amazing vegan Indian food in Penang!

2 years ago
This place is one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Penang. They have the best vegan dosa (I like getting the rava masala dosa made of semolina and stuffed with potatoes) and their Sambal is so delicious! I could drink a giant bowl of that soup! I’ve eaten here over two dozen times and it’s always good no matter what time of day or night. They also have vegan thali which is yummy and idly (another favorite!)
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