The Best Vegan Restaurants in Westminster

Kenshō Vegan Sushi

All Vegan - $$$$$

Kensho Vegan Sushi is an all vegan sushi joint that offers fish-free sushi rolls in a small restaurant located in the heart of Westminster. Their all vegan menu features vegan soft serve ice cream (ma...

9550 Bolsa Avenue Suite 125
Westminster, CA, United States, 92683

Cali Veggie Restaurant - Vegan Buffet

All Vegan - $

Cali Veggi Buffet is an all vegan buffet located in Westminster that offers delicious Vietnamese food. Their buffet is stationed with different sections so you can grab anything you want and put it on...

15691 Brookhurst Street
Westminster, CA, United States, 92683

Hoa Nguyen Vegetarian Kitchen by Quan Hy

All Vegan - $$$

Hoa Nguyen Vegetarian Kitchen is a Vietnamese restaurant that is 100% vegetarian and offers a lot of great vegan options. Their beautiful restaurant is neatly decorated with a pond and bamboo sticks i...

9719 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA, United States, 92683

T&K Food Market

Vegan Options - $

T&K Food Market is a traditional, local Vietnamese grocery store, that's sort of the Costco of Vietnamese food. This fun warehouse also sells tea, house hold appliances (from South East Asia), nick-na...

9681 Bolsa Avenue
Westminster, CA, United States, 92683

Golden Flower Veggie Restaurant

Vegan Options - $$$

Golden Flower Veggie Restaurant is a meat-free Vietnamese eatery that carries a ton of vegan options. They even have a buffet (display case with prepared foods that are "to-go" ) and when we visited ...

14942 Bushard Street
Westminster, CA, United States, 92683

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